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Title: The Ellis Island Experience: Portal to Progress
Digital Tool: Mindomo
Digital Tool Description: Mindomo is a highly versatile mind-mapping tool. In this learning asset Mindomo is used as a resource for analyzing the steps immigrants went through in order to successfully gain entrance to America.

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Title: Making History with Glogster
Digital Tool: Glogster
Digital Tool Description: Glogster allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject by creating a digital poster, or glog, that illustrates the information they learned. Students create a personalized digital poster about their notable person with interactive elements such as video, images, and audio.  

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Title: It's A Dust Bowl Out There
Digital Tool: Interactive Dust Bowl
Digital Tool Description: This Interactive Dust Bowl provides a video that embarks on the journey of those living in the southern Great Plains during the Dust Bowl. Students will watch the demonstration on the Dust Bowl and the effects on the families living in this area during this time.

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Title: 1920s Bio Cube
Digital Tool: Bio Cube
Digital Tool Description: Bio cube is a digital resource that students are able to use to advance their learning and understanding of notable people of the 1920s. For example, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Babe Ruth, Henry Ford, etc. This tool allows the user to create a biography cube of the person they are working on. 

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