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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SS2010] USS6 (6) 5 :
5 ) Explain causes and effects of the Great Depression on the people of the United States.

Examples: economic failure, loss of farms, rising unemployment, building of Hoovervilles

•  Identifying patterns of migration during the Great Depression
•  Locating on a map the area of the United States known as the Dust Bowl
•  Describing the importance of the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of the United States, including the New Deal alphabet agencies
•  Locating on a map the river systems utilized by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) (Alabama)
Subject: Social Studies (6)
Title: Dear Mrs. Roosevelt: Children's Letters During the Great Depression

This website has copies of 18 letters written by children asking for help during The Great Depression. These primary source documents allow students to read first hand accounts of the suffering and needs of Americans during The Great Depression.

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