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Title: Nuclear Power- Pros and Cons
Digital Tool: Oak Ridge video
Digital Tool Description: Documentary on the development of Oak Ridge as an Atomic Research Center. In a land ravaged by flood, the people of the Tennessee Valley found their salvation in water.  In the depths of the Depression, they built a foundation for prosperity.  In the shadow of the past, they ushered in the Atomic Age.  This is the story of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), that has touched the lives of so many people- and generations to come. Told through the eyes and experience of the people themselves, Built for the People is the story of a grand vision for the Valley.  A vision made possible by a region of people who gave their souls to make that vision a reality. Today, the Valley as we know it- all its magnificence, all its vitality and all its prosperity- stands as a testament to what can be achieved when men and women dedicate their lives to change the course of history. This is part of the Currents of Change program.  For additional resources, search ALEX for "Currents of Change" or go to

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Title: A Day of Infamy
Digital Tool: Video of President Roosevelt's Speech
Digital Tool Description: This tool can be used to introduce the reason the United States entered World War 2. It will provide the students with an actual video of President Roosevelt delivering his speech the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Title: Star Students: Introducing the Holocaust and Elie Wiesel's Night
Digital Tool: Why Should We Remember?
Digital Tool Description: This eight minute video from the Birmingham Holocaust Educators Center introduces students to the Holocaust and explains the historical significance of remembering the genocide that took place.

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