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Title: Who are you? Word Cloud WWII Pre/post test
Digital Tool: Tagxedo Word Cloud
Digital Tool Description: This word cloud website allows the creation of word clouds that used a shadow picture shape superimposed with well-known achievements or characteristics of historical figures and events. It allows students a visual aid in learning. The clouds will be used a pre-test and post-test to allow students to guage their knowledge of WWII. The clouds will be saved as screen shots by the teacher and moved to a PowerPoint presentation to administer the test. This is explained more fully in the teacher preparation listed below.

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Title: Star Students: Introducing the Holocaust and Elie Wiesel's Night
Digital Tool: Why Should We Remember?
Digital Tool Description: This eight minute video from the Birmingham Holocaust Educators Center introduces students to the Holocaust and explains the historical significance of remembering the genocide that took place.

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