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   View Standards     Standard(s): [WLAN] WNLP (0-8) 7 :
7) Investigate, analyze, and reflect on similarities and differences between the target and native cultures.

a. Compare gestures used to greet family, friends, and acquaintances.

b. Compare and contrast tangible products of the native and target cultures.

Examples: Food, clothing, toys, and children's stories

c. Compare simple behavior patterns in the native and target cultures.

[WLAN] WNLP (0-8) 6 :
6) Investigate, analyze, and reflect on similarities and differences between the target and native languages.

a. Identify cognates.

b. Differentiate formal and informal forms of language.

c. Compare sound systems of the native and target languages.

[WLAN] WNLP (0-8) 8 :
8) Acquire the ability to interact in the target culture beyond the classroom and set goals for life- long learning.

Examples: Foster a student-centered learning process by creating can-do statements with the help of their teachers.
Collect evidence to demonstrate achievement of goals such as self-assessment checklists, portfolios.
Perform for school or community celebrations.
Identify places in the community where the target language is used.
Listen to music and sing songs from the target culture.

Subject: World Languages (K - 8)
Title: Using Student Created Artwork to Reach Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

Students will create culturally inspired artwork to be displayed in a local business. For example, students learning Spanish will create unique works of art inspired by the culture of Mexico to be displayed in Mexican restaurants in their community. Students will also learn simple vocabulary and useful phrases to be able to communicate in the target language when visiting Mexican restaurants. Throughout the lesson, the students will be exposed to cognates and “borrowed words” to help them begin comparing and contrasting the target language with the English language.

This activity was created as a result of the World Languages COS Resource Development Summit.

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