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   View Standards     Standard(s): [WLAN] WNMP (0-8) 5 :
5) Link target language and other subject areas to acquire information and begin to develop diverse cultural perspectives.

a. Acquire vocabulary related to age-appropriate school content.

[WLAN] WNMP (0-8) 4 :
4) Investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship among the products, practices, and perspectives of the target cultures.

a. Name practices observed in festivals, holidays, or daily life.

b. Identify landmarks and symbols of the target culture.

c. Identify similarities and differences between the target and home cultures.

d. Describe tangible products from the target culture.

[WLAN] WNMP (0-8) 2 :
2) Demonstrate an understanding of simple spoken or written language presented through a variety of media resources on familiar topics.

a. Recognize everyday words and phrases on topics related to personal experiences.

Examples: Places to go, careers, leisure time activities

b. Identify cognates.

c. Categorize vocabulary in predictable topic areas.

d. Differentiate among statements, questions, and exclamations.

Subject: World Languages (K - 8)
Title: Food Pyramid in the French Classroom

This activity starts students on their path to knowledge about food. It also gets the conversation going about the view of food in other countries. The students will learn the various food categories in context with an authentic resource and will also have a starting point to compare foods in different countries.

This activity was created as a result of the World Languages Course of Study Resource Development Summit.

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