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   View Standards     Standard(s): [WLAN] WILP (0-8) 2 :
2) Demonstrate an understanding of simple spoken or written language presented through a variety of media resources on familiar topics.

a. React to news clips, articles, or reports on current issues.

b. Describe main themes with significant details on topics of current interest.

c. Find basic information in an announcement, article, or other text.

[WLAN] WILP (0-8) 7 :
7) Investigate, analyze, and reflect on similarities and differences between the target and native cultures.

a. Compare and contrast verbal and nonverbal behaviors in a variety of activities.

b. Analyze the role of family in the native and target cultures.

c. Critique the role of social networking in the target culture.

[WLAN] WILP (0-8) 8 :
8) Acquire the ability to interact in the target culture beyond the classroom and set goals for life- long learning.

Examples: Travel (real or virtual) to museums to enhance cultural understanding.
Prepare a group performance for a school or community celebration.
Participate in world language club activities that benefit the school or community.
Draw from previously learned material to chart a path of forward progress.
Analyze reasons for success and failure and consider future actions.

Subject: World Languages (K - 8)
Title: A Visit to a French Cemetery

In this activity, the students discover the famous Parisian cemetery: le Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. They use computers and the Internet to explore the cemetery and the French (and sometimes international) celebrities buried there in order to complete a short web quest. They will also use professional vocabulary as they categorize the celebrities they find. This activity enables the teacher to cover the community standard as the students are able to use the Internet to view a cultural standard in the target language.

This activity was created as a result of the World Languages Course of Study Resource Development Summit.

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