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   View Standards     Standard(s): [WLAN] WL1 (7-12) 2 :
2) Interpret what is heard, read, or viewed on familiar topics using the present tense.

a. Identify main characters, themes, and ideas from narrative text.

b. Recognize words, phrases and simple sentences in an informational text.

c. Interpret visual and auditory cues.

[WLAN] WL1 (7-12) 4 :
4) Identify practices of the target cultures.

a. Use basic appropriate gestures in common interactions.

b. Identify behaviors in a variety of environments.

c. Identify typical activities, events, and celebrations of the target cultures.

[WLAN] WL1 (7-12) 5 :
5) Identify products of the target cultures.

a. Recognize arts, crafts or graphic representations of the target culture.

b. Identify the cultural elements found in music and short video clips.

c. Listen to, read, and identify the products from the target culture.

[WLAN] WL1 (7-12) 7 :
7) Interpret information related to diverse perspectives in the target culture.

a. Exchange ideas on various audio and visual documents to interpret content.

b. Explore authentic websites and materials to interpret topics.

[WLAN] WL1 (7-12) 9 :
9) Identify products, practices, and perspectives of the target culture and the native culture.

a. Identify daily routines in the target culture and the native culture.

b. Identify celebrations in the target culture and the native culture.

c. Identify games, stories, songs, and rhymes from the native culture and those from the target culture.

Subject: World Languages (7 - 12)
Title: Quinceañera Digital Breakout

Students will explore the products and practices of the Hispanic Culture as it relates to the celebration of Quinceañeras.  Students will participate in a digital escape game and will have to use critical thinking to solve puzzles that require the application of cultural knowledge and interpretation of basic target language usage.

This activity was created as a result of the World Languages Course of Study Resource Development Summit.

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