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   View Standards     Standard(s): [WLAN] WL2 (7-12) 2 :
2) Interpret what is heard, read, or viewed on familiar topics using the past tense.

a. Restate information from audio and visual documents in the target language.

b. Locate key information from announcements and messages connected to daily activities in the target culture.

c. Relate the main themes and significant details on topics from other subjects and products of the cultures.

[WLAN] WL2 (7-12) 3 :
3) Present information on familiar topics with a variety of words, phrases, and simple sentences in the past time frame.

a. Present basic information about people and activities.

b. Recite songs, short skits, or dramatic readings.

[WLAN] WL2 (7-12) 5 :
5) Identify perspectives through products of the target cultures.

a. Describe products of the target culture.

b. Describe arts, crafts, or graphic representations of the target culture.

c. Describe the cultural elements found in music and short video clips.

d. Listen to, read, and describe the products in a variety of texts.

[WLAN] WL2 (7-12) 7 :
7) Describe information related to diverse perspectives in the target culture.

a. Exchange ideas on various audio and visual documents to interpret content.

b. Identify the main idea of information from authentic websites and materials to interpret topics.

Subject: World Languages (7 - 12)
Title: The Pulsera Project

This lesson will connect students with actual artists from Nicaragua while introducing the topic of fair-trade, non-profit organizations as well as opening up the classroom for a discussion on the culture of Central America. It is best to partner this lesson with your school’s Pulsera Project sale, but all resources are available whether or not the sale occurs at your school. You can start the completely free service-learning project by visiting: The lesson is best for a block schedule or consider providing extended time depending on class make-up/target language reading level of students.

This activity was created as a result of the World Languages Course of Study Resource Development Summit.

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