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   View Standards     Standard(s): [WLAN] WL4 (7-12) 1 :
1) Communicate and share on familiar and new topics in various time frames and moods.

a. Initiate, maintain, and conclude a conversation on various topics.

b. Use the target language to communicate about subjects of particular interest to students.

c. Use the target language to handle tasks that may contain a complication.

[WLAN] WL4 (7-12) 3 :
3) Present information on familiar and new topics in various time frames and aspects using varied vocabulary and more complex sentence structure.

a. Express needs, wants and preferences with supporting reasons.

b. Present information on academic and work-related topics.

c. Present information about common age-appropriate issues.

[WLAN] WL4 (7-12) 5 :
5) Investigate perspectives through products of the target cultures.

a. Analyze the importance of products of the target culture, related to arts, crafts, and graphic representations.

b. Analyze the cultural elements of music and short video clips.

[WLAN] WL4 (7-12) 9 :
9) Compare products, practices, and perspectives of the target culture and the native culture in a variety of time frames and moods.

a. Compare and contrast personal experiences of the target culture to the native culture.

b. Explain cultural practices in the target culture.

c. Compare products in the target culture to the native culture.

Subject: World Languages (7 - 12)
Title: Definiciones de la belleza (Definitions of Beauty)

The purpose of this activity is to have students expand upon their own personal definitions of beauty and aesthetics that they formulated the previous class period. Students will examine beauty through the lens of nature, fashion, poetry, people, and art, using authentic resources and cultural elements from the Spanish-speaking world. Students will also reflect upon their own views of the products and perspectives of beauty and aesthetics while reflecting upon those from people in the Spanish-speaking world.

This activity was created as a result of the World Languages COS Resource Development Summit.

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