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   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] MUS (5) 8 :
8) Demonstrate understanding of the formal and harmonic structure created by the elements of music in music selected for performance.

Example: Compose music in the jazz style and include syncopated rhythms.

[ARTS] MUS (5) 3 :
3) Demonstrate selected and developed musical ideas for improvisations, arrangements, or compositions to express intent, and explain connection to purpose and context.

Subject: Arts Education (5)
Title: Creating Your Blues

In this learning activity, students will create their own blues piece using the "Madlib" and perform their blues piece using the 12 Bar Blues pattern on the instruments available.  (This activity can be altered at the discretion of the teacher based on the classroom resources and skill level of the students). Choices can be the use of just the singing voice, barred instruments, guitars, ukuleles, boomwhackers, etc. 

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