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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SS2010] WH8 (8) 8 :
8 ) Describe the development of a classical civilization in India and China.

Examples: India—religions, arts and literature, philosophies, empires, caste system

China—religions, politics, centrality of the family, Zhou and Han Dynasties, inventions, economic impact of the Silk Road and European trade, dynastic transitions

•  Identifying the effect of monsoons on India
•  Identifying landforms and climate regions of China
Example: marking landforms and climate regions of China on a map

[ARTS] DAN (8) 7 :
7) Sculpt the body in space and design body shapes in relation to other dancers, objects, and environment, using kinetic sense during complex floor and air patterns.

Example: Mirroring.

[ARTS] MUS (8) 1 :
1) Generate rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic phrases and harmonic accompaniments within expanded forms, including introductions, transitions, and codas, that convey expressive intent.

Subject: Social Studies (8), Arts Education (8)
Title: World History Vocabulary Flashmob

Students will make artistic choices in movement and vocalizations to connect and share the essential vocabulary in describing the beginning of civilization in the Indus River Valley as a "flashmob" for other students within their school. Through this method, teachers will front load tier three vocabulary instruction to support literacy in reading informational text. 

This activity was created as a result of the Arts COS Resource Development Summit.

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