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   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] VISA (4) 4 :
4) When making works of art, utilize and care for materials, tools, and equipment in a manner that prevents danger to oneself and others.

[SC2015] (4) 2 :
2 ) Plan and carry out investigations that explain transference of energy from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents.

a. Provide evidence that heat can be produced in many ways (e.g., rubbing hands together, burning leaves) and can move from one object to another by conduction.

b. Demonstrate that different objects can absorb, reflect, and/or conduct energy.

c. Demonstrate that electric circuits require a complete loop through which an electric current can pass.

Subject: Arts Education (4), Science (4)
Title: Introduction to Glass Fusing

Students will learn that some art has a purpose other than being art. Many common everyday items can be considered art based on the manner in which they are designed. Students will make a glass dish, using previous instruction on design and learn the basics of glass fusing. During the lesson, students will also learn the need to practice safe working practices so as not to place themselves or others in danger. Lastly, students will learn about the transference of energy or heat in objects and how that energy can impact their final form.

This activity was created as a result of the Arts COS Resource Development Summit.

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