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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SC2015] (2) 4 :
4 ) Provide evidence that some changes in matter caused by heating or cooling can be reversed (e.g., heating or freezing of water) and some changes are irreversible (e.g., baking a cake, boiling an egg).

[SC2015] (2) 1 :
1 ) Conduct an investigation to describe and classify various substances according to physical properties (e.g., milk being a liquid, not clear in color, assuming shape of its container, mixing with water; mineral oil being a liquid, clear in color, taking shape of its container, floating in water; a brick being a solid, not clear in color, rough in texture, not taking the shape of its container, sinking in water).

[DLIT] (2) 7 :
1) Create and sort information into useful order using digital tools.

Examples: Sort data spreadsheets A-Z, simple filters, and tables.

[DLIT] (2) 20 :
14) Collect, create, and organize data in a digital chart or graph.

Subject: Science (2), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2)
Title: What's the Matter? Solid, liquid, or gas?

This digital tool is an interactive way to experiment with solids, liquids, and gases. Students are challenged to find the correct category for other examples such as milk, sand, rain, helium, wood and air. Watch what happens when you heat liquids and cool gases.

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