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27. Draw points, lines, line segments, rays, angles (right, acute, obtuse), and perpendicular and parallel lines, and identify these in two-dimensional figures.
[DLIT] (4) 27 :
21) Develop, test, and refine prototypes as part of a cyclical design process to solve a simple problem.

Subject: Mathematics (4), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (4)
Title: If I Built a Car

Through literature, students will identify and take notes on the design process Jack uses as he designs a car for specific purposes. With a partner, students will work through the design process to digitally develop, test, and refine the prototype of a car for a specific user’s needs. Students will use a digital resource such as Sketchup, Paint 3D, Tinkercad, or another free online resource to practice creating the design using points, lines, line segments, and angles.

This activity was created as a result of the DLCS COS Resource Development Summit.

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