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   View Standards     Standard(s): [HUM] ED02 (7) 6 :
6 ) Compare positive and negative peer pressure.

Examples: positive—involving friends in community service, tutoring peers

-  negative—bullying, teasing, gossiping

•  Determining causes of teen conflict
[DLIT] (5) 2 :
R2) Recognize and demonstrate age-appropriate responsible use of digital devices and resources as outlined in school/district rules.

[DLIT] (5) 16 :
10) Identify appropriate and inappropriate uses of communication technology and discuss the permanence of actions in the digital world.

Subject: Human Services (7), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (5)
Title: Bullying is Never OK

iMovie will be used to create a podcast (audio, video, and pictures) explaining why bullying is unacceptable and how students may prevent or intervene.

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