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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SC2015] (2) 6 :
6 ) Design and construct models to simulate how animals disperse seeds or pollinate plants (e.g., animals brushing fur against seed pods and seeds falling off in other areas, birds and bees extracting nectar from flowers and transferring pollen from one plant to another).*

[MA2019] (2) 16 :
16. Create a picture graph and bar graph to represent data with up to four categories.

a. Using information presented in a bar graph, solve simple "put-together," "take-apart," and "compare" problems.

b. Using Venn diagrams, pictographs, and "yes-no" charts, analyze data to predict an outcome.
Subject: Science (2), Mathematics (2)
Title: Insect Pollinator Graph

Students will review collecting data and bar graphs by watching a BrainPOP video. After a digital read-aloud of the book Insect Pollinators digital book, students will choose which insect that he/she thinks would make the best pollinator. Students will represent the data collected by creating and drawing a bar graph.

This activity was created as a result of the ALEX Resource Development Summit.

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