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   View Standards     Standard(s): [MA2019] (6) 28 :
28. Apply previous understanding of volume of right rectangular prisms to those with fractional edge lengths to solve real-world and mathematical problems.

a. Use models (cubes or drawings) and the volume formulas (V = lwh and V = Bh) to find and compare volumes of right rectangular prisms.
[DLIT] (6) 12 :
6) Identify steps in developing solutions to complex problems using computational thinking.

Subject: Mathematics (6), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (6)
Title: How Much Does It Take?

In this activity, students will compute real-world problems involving the volume of rectangular prisms. Students are provided models of rectangular prisms with fractional edge lengths and asked to compute how many smaller prims with a given measure are needed to pack the model. They will compute volume measurements using two different methods. Students are provided a link to an online rectangular prism calculator to check their calculations. An answer key with detailed explanations is provided for this activity.

How Much Does It Take? Student Response Page

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