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   View Standards     Standard(s): [MA2019] REG-7 (7) 7 :
7. Generate expressions in equivalent forms based on context and explain how the quantities are related.
[DLIT] (7) 33 :
27) Identify data needed to create a model or simulation of a given event.

Examples: When creating a random name generator, the program needs access to a list of possible names.

Subject: Mathematics (7), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (7)
Title: Balancing Act

In this activity, students will create equivalent expressions using an online tool. Students are provided two expressions and asked to find the value of the variable to make the two expressions equal. Then, students are provided an expression and a value of the variable and asked to generate a different expression equal to the original expression. Through the online digital tool, students are able to substitute values and develop strategies for creating equivalent expressions. This provides a great opportunity for students to investigate how to solve problems using multiple methods.

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