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Cooking Experience with Blueberries For Sal

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Author:Kelly Wilson
System: Covington County
School: Straughn Elementary School
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Cooking Experience with Blueberries For Sal


This lesson will enhance the study of the color blue by providing a story, cooking experience and writing activity.

 Associated Standards and Objectives 
Content Standard(s):
Technology Education
TC2 (2009)
Grade: K-2
1 ) Identify basic parts of various technology systems.

•  Naming input and output devices
Examples: input—keyboard, stylus

-  output—printer

Technology Education
TC2 (2009)
Grade: K-2
2 ) Identify applications and operations of various technology systems.

Examples: applications—word processing, multimedia presentation software

-  operations—opening, closing, and saving files

•  Using accurate terminology related to technology
Example: "press," not "hit," keys

•  Using input devices to enter letters, numbers, and symbols
•  Using special functions of input devices
Example: keyboard shortcuts

•  Labeling storage media
•  Removing storage media safely
Technology Education
TC2 (2009)
Grade: K-2
3 ) Demonstrate correct posture and finger placement while using a technology system.

Technology Education
TC2 (2009)
Grade: K-2
4 ) Identify safe use of technology systems and applications.

Examples: protecting personal information online, avoiding inappropriate sites, exiting inappropriate sites

Technology Education
TC2 (2009)
Grade: K-2
10 ) Design original works using digital tools.

Examples: tools—digital drawing tools, music software, word processing software, digital cameras

English Language Arts
ELA2015 (2015)
Grade: K
5 ) Recognize common types of texts (e.g., storybooks, poems). [RL.K.5]

English Language Arts
ELA2015 (2015)
Grade: K
31 ) Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about kindergarten topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups. [SL.K.1]

a. Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions (e.g., listening to others and taking turns speaking about the topics and texts under discussion). [SL.K.1a]

b. Continue a conversation through multiple exchanges. [SL.K.1b]

English Language Arts
ELA2015 (2015)
Grade: K
32 ) Confirm understanding of a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media by asking and answering questions about key details and requesting clarification if something is not understood. [SL.K.2]

English Language Arts
ELA2015 (2015)
Grade: K
34 ) Describe familiar people, places, things, and events and, with prompting and support, provide additional detail. [SL.K.4]

Local/National Standards:


Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will listen and recall information.
Students will begin to use elements of the writing process.
Students will use a computer to view information and to write information.

Additional Learning Objective(s):

 Preparation Information 

Total Duration:

31 to 60 Minutes

Materials and Resources:

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey, chart listing the steps to making blueberry muffins (add pictures of the steps if possible), muffin mix, toaster oven, fresh blueberries (if available)

Technology Resources Needed:

computer, digital camera, word processing software, printer


1.)Read and discuss the story Blueberries For Sal. Have the students briefly retell the story. If it is possible, find fresh blueberries and have the students look at the blueberries and taste them. Explain to the students that they will be making blueberry muffins. Explain that there are certain steps to making the muffins. Review the list of steps for making the muffins on the chart paper.

2.)Divide the students into 4 groups. Have the students begin mixing the blueberry muffin ingredients. Use a digital camera to take pictures of each step. Take pictures of each group making the muffins.

3.)Put the muffins in the toaster oven. While the muffins are cooking, use the computer to look at pictures of each step in the process of making the muffins. Work with the students to add captions to the pictures to make a book for the classroom library.

4.)Print the information to make the classroom book. Print extra pictures of the steps so the students can put the pictures in order to retell the steps of making the muffins. Then let the class enjoy eating the muffins!
The following website has a song the children can sing about the story.
(Blueberries for Sal Literature Guide)
Includes a song and other activities associated with the book


Assessment Strategies

Teacher observation during discussion of story and during writing process will be used for assessment.





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Presentation of Material Environment
Time Demands Materials
Attention Using Groups and Peers
Assisting the Reluctant Starter Dealing with Inappropriate Behavior
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