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Volleyball Fundamentals

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Author:Aisha Brown
System: Pickens County
School: Aliceville High School
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Lesson Plan ID: 22791


Volleyball Fundamentals


The topic and focus of this lesson will be teaching basic and fundamental volleyball skills. The instructor will provide demonstration of skills for students. The students will then be given time to practice the skill under teacher supervision.

 Associated Standards and Objectives 
Content Standard(s):
PE (7)
1. Apply critical elements for all locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills in modified game situations.
PE (7)
2. Demonstrate striking skills in modified versions of sport and recreation activities.
PE (7)
3. Analyze manipulative skills for specific sports or recreational activities.
Examples: catching a softball with correct placement of the glove (below the waist glove palm up, thumb out; above the waist thumb in); applying the act of skipping in a fluid, coordinated movement for a lay-up in basketball
PE (7)
13. Identify the characteristics of both good and poor sportsmanship.
PE (7)
17. Exhibit attributes needed to accomplish a set goal in a competitive and cooperative environment.
  • Remaining on task in a group activity
  • Applying problem-solving skills
  • Practicing safety procedures
  • PE (8)
    2. Incorporate striking skills that demonstrate accuracy, distance, trajectory, and consistency in a variety of innovative activities.
    PE (8)
    3. Discuss the concepts that affect motor skill development and performance.
  • Stages of development
  • Complexity of skill
  • PE (8)
    5. Critique game strategies for innovative or cooperative group activities.
  • Identifying offensive strategies
  • Identifying defensive strategies
  • Providing modifications as feedback
  • PE (8)
    6. Provide performance cues and feedback while participating in partner skill practice sessions.
    PE (9-12)
    4. Utilize safe practices when participating in physical activities.
    Example: showing consideration of environment, physical condition, individual tolerances, and medical conditions

    Local/National Standards:


    Primary Learning Objective(s):

    The students will be able to demonstrate the overhand and underhanded volleyball serve.

    Additional Learning Objective(s):

    Students will be able to analyze and apply the rules of the sport throughout the lesson. The 2007-08 rules can be found here.

     Preparation Information 

    Total Duration:

    91 to 120 Minutes

    Materials and Resources:

    Volleyballs, Volleyball Nets

    Technology Resources Needed:

    Internet access for video demonstration
    Digital projector


    The instructor will prepare for this lesson by studying the most updated volleyball rule books. The major concepts of this lesson will be to teach the rules of the game and to demonstrate the fundamentals so that students will learn to practice the proper skills.


    Students will be given a brief description of the rules and procedures used in volleyball.
    Students will view the video demonstration at the link below. A computer with a digital projector can be used for large group viewing.
    Students will divide into two groups and line up on the endlines of the volleyball court.
    The instructor will describe and demonstrate the proper form for the under and overhanded serve.
    Students will be allowed to practice for an allotted time.
    Students will be monitored by the instructor to ensure that students are using the proper techniques.
    The instructor will provide feedback for student improvement.

    (Basic Serve Techniques)
    Video demonstration with coach guidance on a variety of volleyball skills.


    Assessment Strategies

    For assessment the students will be required to complete 8 of 10 over- or underhanded serves across the volleyball net.


    Students may work on receiving the volleyball if they have mastered the skill of serving.



    Each area below is a direct link to general teaching strategies/classroom accommodations for students with identified learning and/or behavior problems such as: reading or math performance below grade level; test or classroom assignments/quizzes at a failing level; failure to complete assignments independently; difficulty with short-term memory, abstract concepts, staying on task, or following directions; poor peer interaction or temper tantrums, and other learning or behavior problems.

    Presentation of Material Environment
    Time Demands Materials
    Attention Using Groups and Peers
    Assisting the Reluctant Starter Dealing with Inappropriate Behavior
    Be sure to check the student's IEP for specific accommodations.