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Creating Line Charts: Lines over Time

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Author:Samantha Mayweather
System: Montgomery County
School: Montgomery County Board Of Education
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Creating Line Charts: Lines over Time


Students will select three colleges or universities that they would consider attending. Students will then conduct an online research on the average temperature Highs and Lows for each location over a 12 month period. Next, students will create a line chart illustrating the average temperature highs and lows for each university and then answer 10 questions based on their research (information in the chart).

This is a College- and Career-Ready Standards showcase lesson plan.

 Associated Standards and Objectives 
Content Standard(s):
BMA (9-12) Business Technology Applications
6. Utilize spreadsheet features, including formulas, functions, sorting, and filtering data, templates, charts, and graphs in creating, editing, and printing workbooks.
BMA (9-12) Business Technology Applications
10. Critique the Internet and digital information for validity, accuracy, bias, and current relevance.

Local/National Standards:


Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will learn how to:

  1. Utilize productivity software (Microsoft Excel) to create line charts
  2. Compare and contrast data (College Weather) using charts and graphs
  3. Research information using the Internet to make an informed decision
  4. Gain a deeper understanding of charts and graphs by learning that line charts are used to illustrate data over a period of time

Additional Learning Objective(s):

This assignment is to elicit students to begin thinking about:

  1. Career choices
  2. Colleges
  3. How important does weather weigh in on their college decision?
  4. The correlation between data, charts and graphs

The assignment was connected to other activities because it allowed students to:

  1. Select a career field
  2. Use the Internet and search engines to find information
  3. Make a decision based on their research and findings
  4. Explore colleges
 Preparation Information 

Total Duration:

61 to 90 Minutes

Materials and Resources:

Student/Teacher Handouts (Attached)

  • College Weather Report Worksheet
  • College Weather Questionnaire Worksheet

    • College Weather Highs Example
    • College Weather Lows Example


Technology Resources Needed:

Computer with Internet access, Spreadsheet Software, Teacher Demonstrations with Interactive White Board.


This lesson should follow a discussion about three different chart types:

  • Pie Chart-Represents parts of a Whole
  • Bar Chart- Compare two separate entities
  • Line Chart- Compares data over time (12 months for this assignment)

The discussion should also include the importance of weather (activities students will be able to participate in) and if weather would factor into their college decision.


       I.  In order to complete this assignment successfully students needed to know:

  1. How to use a spreadsheet
  2. How to use search engines
  3. How to read a line chart

Step 1: Motivation & Introduction

Begin the lesson by discussing the pros and cons of living in a warm climate versus a cold climate and vice versa. For example, someone who attends UCLA can go surfing, water skiing and enjoy wearing shorts practically year round. On the other hand, someone who attends Boston College can go snow skiing, snowboarding and enjoy building a snowman.  

Step 2 : Activity

I.    Conduct an online research for each college average temperature Highs and Lows  College Weather Report Worksheet(handout)

II.   Use the handout to put the data into a Spreadsheet.

  1. Sheet 1- Create a line chart comparing each colleges average Low temperature for each month in Fahrenheit
  2. Sheet 2- Create a line chart comparing each colleges average High temperature for each month in Fahrenheit
  3. The Line chart should have the following:
    1. Title
    2. X-Axis Title (Months)
    3. Y-Axis Title (Temperature in Fahrenheit)
    4. Legend  (College Name & City, State)


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Assessment Strategies

Formative Assessment:

College Weather Report Worksheet (Handout)

College Weather Questionnaire Worksheet (Handout)

Summative Assessment:

Excel Spreadsheet

  • Line Chart- Representing college weather LOWS
  • Line Chart- Representing college weather HIGHS


Students can create a line chart of the college of their choice illustrating the college’s highs and lows. They could write one paragraph discussing the various extracurricular activities they can participate in, in relation to the weather.


  • Re-teach the lesson
  • Decrease the number of colleges to 1 or two
  • Allow student an extended amount of time

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