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Employer/Personnel Issues

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Author:Marrianne H Coleman
System: Jefferson County
School: Hueytown High School
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Employer/Personnel Issues


The class will discuss issues relating to employer/personnel. They will work together in groups to write a guide for new employees. They will also create a classroom policy handbook.

 Associated Standards and Objectives 
Content Standard(s):
Career Cluster Electives
CTE (2009)
Grade: 9-12
Workforce Essentials
8 ) Identify ethical and unethical behavior and actions in the workplace.

•  Describing legal issues affecting business, including affirmative action; sexual harassment; local, state, and federal laws; and workplace regulations, including the Occupation, Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Business, Management, and Administration
BMA (2009)
Grade: 9-12
Business Essentials
15 ) Demonstrate proper safety procedures needed in the workplace.

Business, Management, and Administration
BMA (2009)
Grade: 9-12
Commerce Communication
5 ) Demonstrate effective verbal and nonverbal communication in the workplace

•  Determining appropriate business attire for a given situation
Examples: formal meeting, casual meeting, special occasion

•  Demonstrating proper posture, tone, facial expression, and etiquette in the workplace
•  Demonstrating telephone etiquette
Examples: tone, pitch, courtesy

•  Recognizing effective behavior for meetings
Examples: attentiveness, cellular telephone usage

Business, Management, and Administration
BMA (2009)
Grade: 9-12
Commerce Communication
10 ) Apply problem-solving techniques needed to resolve business issues related to ethics.

Local/National Standards:


Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will describe related employer/personnel issues.

Additional Learning Objective(s):

 Preparation Information 

Total Duration:

Greater than 120 Minutes

Materials and Resources:

Copies of company policy handbooks obtained from local businesses or parents' employers

Technology Resources Needed:

computer, word processing software, printer


1.)Have a class discussion about hiring practices. Explain to students what they can expect when they are hired (drug test, pre-employment test, background check, fingerprinting, etc.) and the types of forms they will be required to complete. Explain the reasons people join labor unions.

2.)Show students examples of company policy manuals. Go over these manuals with students.

3.)Have students work in teams to produce a “company policy manual” for your classroom. This manual should explain all your classroom rules, health and safety policies (which were created in the project for content standard 11), the expected professional and ethical behavior (defined in project for content standard 12 & 13), and all other issues that a student must understand to function successfully in your classroom.

4.)Combine the best of each group’s work and you will have a policy/procedure manual for your classroom. This can be copied and distributed to each student.


Assessment Strategies

Each student will be assessed on his participation in the group and the professional content and appearance of the policy manual the group creates.





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