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Job Application Skills and Techniques: Job Interviewing 101

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Author:Terri Sellers
System: Jefferson County
School: Hueytown High School
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Job Application Skills and Techniques: Job Interviewing 101


In this lesson students will explore the process of successfully searching for a job. This will include the development of forms/documents which can assist the successful job-seeker. The submission of a portfolio and "mock" job interview will culminate this lesson.

 Associated Standards and Objectives 
Content Standard(s):
CTE (9-12) Workforce Essentials
5. Apply skills needed for seeking, obtaining, maintaining, and changing jobs, including preparing a résumé, completing job applications, participating in a job interview, and dressing and grooming for the workplace.
  • Accessing detailed information about job openings and opportunities
  • Examples: skills required for a full or part-time job; working conditions, benefits, and opportunities for change
    BMA (9-12) Commerce Communication
    12. Explain the employment process, including career research; job source research; résumé preparation; letters of application, acceptance, refusal, and resignation; application form completion; and interview preparation.
  • Creating an employment portfolio
  • Local/National Standards:


    Primary Learning Objective(s):

    Students will develop a Career Portfolio containing documents useful in seeking a job in the present or future. Students will demonstrate effective job interview skills through a mock interview.

    Additional Learning Objective(s):

     Preparation Information 

    Total Duration:

    Greater than 120 Minutes

    Materials and Resources:

    Textbooks and other resources with samples of resumes and interview tips; a wide-range of videos that simulate job interviews are also effective tools for launching this project (see MarkEd for listings); student handout detailing requirements of the project (see attachment)

    Technology Resources Needed:

    Computers with Internet access, word processing software, printer


    A human relations or personnel manager from a local company can be invited to speak to the class regarding job application procedures and forms. Discuss labor laws and practices such as testing, employment forms, labor laws, and labor organizations as they pertain to new employees prior to launching the project. Utilize your favorite books on job interview techniques and resume and letter writing. Students are given the information sheets and requirements for the written portion of the project (the portfolio). Once all portfolios are submitted, students will role-play a job interview with either a teacher or a community representative. Grades will be assigned to the portfolio and the mock interview.

    1.)Provide and discuss with students a handout detailing the requirements of the project (see attachment).

    2.)Discuss where to find jobs and look at sample job listings from local newspaper.

    3.)Utilize books/web sites with current examples of effective job interview strategies and forms.

    4.)Discuss effective job seeking strategies and interview skills. (Videos are helpful for this.)

    5.)Distribute examples of effective resumes and application letters.

    6.)Discuss references (criteria for selection, why to contact, how to present).

    7.)Provide computer time for students to do research and prepare multimedia slideshow presentations.

    8.)Once portfolios are completed and submitted for teacher review, schedule classroom mock job interviews. A local business manager can be helpful in the role of the interviewer!

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    Assessment Strategies

    A rubric should be used to assess the mock interview (see attachment) Job Portfolios should be evaluated by a checklist of pre-established standards distributed to the students at the beginning of the project.





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