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Keyboard Position & Techniques

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Author:Julie Gerstenschlager
System: Baldwin County
School: Orange Beach Elementary School
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Keyboard Position & Techniques


In this lesson students will learn the correct position and posture at a computer keyboard. They will see how to divide the keyboard into two parts for efficient use. Students will identify keys that are typed with the right hand and the left hand.
 Associated Standards and Objectives 
Content Standard(s):
Technology Education
TC2 (2009)
Grade: 3-5
1 ) Use input and output devices of technology systems.

Examples: input—recording devices, keyboards, touchscreens

-  output—printers

•  Demonstrating ergonomics relative to technology systems
•  Demonstrating correct keyboarding techniques
•  Demonstrating safe removal of storage media

Local/National Standards:


Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will identify the proper posture and positioning for keyboarding. Students will explain how improper keyboarding techniques can be corrected. Students will differentiate between keys typed with the left and right hand.

Additional Learning Objective(s):

 Preparation Information 

Total Duration:

61 to 90 Minutes

Materials and Resources:

1. Crayons, markers or colored pencils in red, yellow, and green for each student

2. Pencils (students in grades 3-5)

3. Transparancy or poster of Keyboard Diagram (K-2) or Blank Keyboard (3-5)

4. Copy of Keyboard Diagram (K-2) or Blank Keyboard (3-5) for each student (see attached)

5. Transparancy or poster of Proper Keyboarding Techniques document (see attached), overhead projector (if using transparencies)

Technology Resources Needed:

Computer, Microsoft PowerPoint, LCD projector or TV scan converter connected to a television for large group viewing, Keyboard Technique presentation (see attached), Technique Photos presentation (see attached)


1. Review and practice discussing posture with students using Keyboard Technique and Technique Photos presentations

2. Copy keyboard handout for each student

3. Prepare a transparancy or poster of the keyboard handout being used with students and Proper Keyboarding Techniques document

1.)Use the Keyboard Technique PowerPoint presentation to discuss optimal posture and position at the computer with the students. Then use the Technique Photos PowerPoint presentation to discuss the techniques in use (both attached). Have students identify and explain how the proper techniques are being used. As students identify poor techniques, ask them to tell why the technique is poor and how it can be corrected. The Proper Keyboarding Techniques document can be used as a transparancy or poster to remind students of the correct position and posture.

2.)Give each student a keyboard handout and instruct them to locate the letters T, G, and B. Show students how to divide the keyboard into two halves by drawing a red line along the right side of the T, G, and B keys. Discuss using the right hand to press keys on the right side of the keyboard; left hand for keys on the left side. (The line is red to serve as a reminder to STOP - not to cross to the other side of the keyboard.)

3.)K-2nd grade students - Locate Letters alphabetically and color keys on the right side of the mid point (red line)green; keys on the left side of the mid point yellow.
3rd-5th grade students - Have students fill in the letters and special keys to complete the blank keyboard using pencils. Then, have students color the margin around keys on the right side of the mid point (red line) green; keys on the left side of the mid point yellow.

4.)The teacher will color keys on the poster/transparancy and check to be sure students are coloring the correct keys and using the appropriate color for each. Continue until all alphabetic keys are colored. Locate and color ENTER, BACKSPACE, both SHIFT keys, and DELETE the appropriate color for the side of the keyboard on which they are located. Briefly discuss their functions.

5.)Students can keep their Left/Right color-coded keyboard in their classwork folder in the computer lab or they can take it home for practice using the correct hand placement and using both hands to type.

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Assessment Strategies

Students will be assessed on participation during class discussions of technique and teacher observation while coloring keyboards.





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