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Title: HACCP: Restaurant Review and Food Challenge
Unit Plan Overview: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point  (HACCP) is a Management System program or plan.  It protects against potential threats to food security in franchised establishments as well as small, home town restaurants. It takes active managerial control to avoid the 5 common risk factors (1-purchasing from unsafe source, 2- failing to cook food correctly, 3-holding food at the improper temperature, 4-using contaminated equipment, 5-practicing poor hygiene). In this unit, students will learn what an HACCP is and why it is important to a food establishment.  They will visit a restaurant, evaluate it and produce a Restaurant Review, making note of observed HACCP evidence.  Finally, they will develop an HACCP guide tool and use it to create their own HACCP plan for a foods lab activity. 

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Title: You Can't Share That, But You Must Report This.
Unit Plan Overview: This unit allows students to identify and analyze what information can be discussed with others and what must be reported to the proper personnel. 

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