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Pickin' Cotton
This podcast describes the change in the way cotton is harvested by documenting a field trip.

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Like It Ain't Never Passed
This video takes you through the history of Sloss Furnace from its opening as an iron furnace to its reopening as a museum. Sloss made Birmingham, AL the thriving city it is today. Pictures tell the story of how Birmingham went from a small country town to a bustling city that grew up around the furnaces. It's astonishing growth and prosperity earned it the nicknames "The Pittsburg of the South" and "The Magic City." Sloss made Birmingham the world's largest producer of cast iron pipe, the nation's 3rd largest producer of pig iron, and the foremost industrial city of the South. Though Sloss closed its doors in 1971 its history lives on today through the museum that was opened 101 years after Sloss began making iron.

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Subject: Cross-Disciplinary - History , Cross-Disciplinary - Informal Education , Social Studies - Civics , Social Studies - Comparative Political Systems , Social Studies - State History , Social Studies - United States Constitution , Social Studies - United States Government , Social Studies - United States History , Social Studies - World History , Informal Education - Academic Enrichment
Title: Where Is the Tallest Waterfall?     
Description: The closest many of us come to a waterfall is our daily shower. The showerhead can't hold a candle to Mother Nature's beauty, though. Let's learn about waterfalls!
Thinkfinity Partner: Wonderopolis
Grade Span: K,PreK,1,2,3,4,5