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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Physical Education (K - 2), or Social Studies (K - 2)
Title: Treasure Hunt
Description: Get hands-on with students in building a map with a class.  Take students outside to a sandbox and work with them to build a map of campus.  Once the map is drawn you can turn their design into a treasure hunt to assess map interpretation.

Subject: Credit Recovery Science (K - 2), or Science (2), or Social Studies (K - 2), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: Continent Jump
Description: Students will learn about animals that live on all seven continents. Students and teachers will use websites to learn additional information about the animals from various continents.This lesson plan was created as a result of the Girls Engaged in Math and Science University, GEMS-U Project.

Subject: Social Studies (K - 2)
Title: Tech Tours using Google Earth-it’s easy, it’s fun…come take a trip with us!
Description: Grab your passport and head around the world as K-2 students become reporters using Google Earth and podcasting to learn and share about maps, globes, people and places around the community, state and world. Tools featured include: Tablet pc’s, iPods, digital cameras, document camera, classroom response system, and free web 2.0 tools.

Subject: English Language Arts (1), or Social Studies (K - 2), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: Our Summer Vacation
Description: This lesson will be used after a study of Alabama. It will incorporate the theme of vacationing into information learned about state parks in Alabama. Students will make a book about favorite state parks in Alabama and favorite things to do in them.

Subject: Social Studies (K - 2), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: Come with Me to the Islands
Description: Students will explore several islands by watching a multimedia presentation prepared by the teacher on islands and how they were formed. Students will then use globes and maps to find various islands using cardinal directions given by the teacher. Students will work to make models of islands and draw and write about islands using software.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Social Studies - Anthropology - Social Studies - Geography - Social Studies - Human Behavior
Title: Life in the Mountains      Add Bookmark
Description: This lesson, from Xpeditions, introduces students to the idea that people in different parts of the world have different customs and habits of daily life, even if they live in similar landscapes. They view pictures of and discuss life in the mountains of Colorado and Nepal and write stories describing what it might be like to live in the mountains of Nepal.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: K,1,2

Subject: Social Studies - Geography
Title: Get Oriented      Add Bookmark
Description: In this Xpeditions student activity, students explore the cardinal directions--north, south, east, and west. They then test their knowledge using the interactive '' '' Orientometer.'' ''
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Subject: Mathematics,Social Studies
Title: Learning to Measure with Ladybug      Add Bookmark
Description: This lesson, one of a multi-part unit from Illuminations, focuses on geometric concepts, location, navigation, direction, spatial relationships and measurement concepts, using nonstandard units to measure a distance, and the iteration of units. Students practice measuring with multiple units and a single unit, following methods modeled by the teacher.
Thinkfinity Partner: Illuminations
Grade Span: K,PreK,1,2

Subject: Science - Earth science - Science - Geology - Social Studies - Geography
Title: Introduction to the Grand Canyon      Add Bookmark
Description: This Xpeditions lesson introduces students to canyons and has them compare canyons to mountains and plains. They look at photographs of three canyons and then focus on the Grand Canyon, discussing how the Colorado River carved it into its present form. They conclude by drawing pictures of the Grand Canyon and writing captions or drawing additional pictures to describe how the canyon was formed.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: K,1,2

Subject: Mathematics
Title: Estimation and Measurement      Add Bookmark
Description: In this Science NetLinks lesson, students are introduced to the concept of units of measurement. Students first measure with the idea of units in mind and are then challenged to consider why it is important to have standardized units of measurement. Then they measure with standardized units and compare results with one another.
Thinkfinity Partner: Science NetLinks
Grade Span: K,1,2

Subject: Science - Earth science - Social Studies - Geography
Title: Using Maps to See Regions      Add Bookmark
Description: In this Xpeditions lesson, students travel around the world on a visual scavenger hunt. They select a handful of important natural and cultural characteristics of places. They then search through magazines such as National Geographic for photographs that illustrate the range of those characteristics. They also chart the locations they find on a map of the world.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: K,1,2