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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Social Studies (6), or Technology Education (6 - 8)
Title: The President's Desk
Description: History comes to life for students as they explore a virtual tour of President John F. Kennedy's Oval Office. This interactive online module features several multi-media presentations of historic aspects of Kennedy's life and administration. Students actively engage in learning about various topics related to Kennedy's presidency, United States history, and what it means to be president of our country. In conclusion, students will use an online digital photo editing tool to create their own Kennedy photo album.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Language Arts - Journalism - Social Studies - Comparative Political Systems - Social Studies - Geography - Social Studies - World History
Title: Submarines: The Journey of K-19      Add Bookmark
Description: In this lesson, from Xpeditions, students study the ill-fated first mission of K-19, the Soviet Union's first nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine. Students learn about the Cold War and locate the key points of K-19's journey on a map. They consider the actions of crew members who risked their lives so that others might survive and contemplate the reasons why the story was kept secret until the end of the Cold War. Students conclude by writing a newspaper article about the accident at sea.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: 3,4,5