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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Social Studies (8 - 12), or Technology Education (6 - 8)
Title: European History Art Presentations
Description: The students are assigned an artist from the period of European history that the class is studying at the time of the assignment.  The students will research their artist and write a one page paper giving the general background information on the artist.  Additionally, the student will create a visual presentation of the artists' work and make a first person presentation to the class lasting not more than ten minutes.

Subject: Social Studies (9 - 11)
Title: Three Principles of Civil Disobedience: Thoreau, Gandhi, and King
Description: Both Mahatmas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. were influenced by Henry David Thoreau's essay, "Civil Disobedience." Have students research and read, using the Internet, the first part of Thoreau's essay. Then have students write an essay analyzing how Thoreau's writing influenced Gandhi and King. Have them include in their essay the following:1. What is the focal point of "Civil Disobedience?"2. Did Gandhi and King agree with everything in Thoreau's essay?3. How did Thoreau's philosophies influence Gandhi and King?4. How did Gandhi influence King? This lesson was created to accompany the Alabama African American History Calendar Project.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Language Arts
Title: Renaissance Humanism in Hamlet and The Birth of Venus       Add Bookmark
Description: After reading Shakespeare's Hamlet, students identify, analyze, and explain how elements in Botticelli's painting Birth of Venus and examples from the play illustrate the philosophy of Renaissance Humanism.
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Grade Span: 9,10,11,12