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Subject: Arts Education (K), or Character Education (K - 12), or Counseling and Guidance (K - 12), or Mathematics (K)
Title: Movin' With My Maraca!
Description: In this lesson, students will explore the art of movement while also learning how to imitate a steady beat using a self made maraca. This is a College- and Career-Ready Standards showcase lesson plan.

Subject: Counseling and Guidance (K - 12)
Title: My Favorite Job
Description: This lesson is designed to encourage student participation in discussions of careers without consideration of gender. At this grade level students should be encouraged to express their perception of job characteristics without consideration of "man" jobs and "woman" jobs.

Subject: Counseling and Guidance (K - 12)
Title: We are Unique
Description: In a classroom guidance setting the counselor and students will discuss how their hands are similar and how they are different.

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