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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: English Language Arts (5), or Social Studies (5)
Title: A Revolutionary Dinner Party
Description: Students play the role of colonists from the Revolutionary War period. Each group has decided to host a dinner party for some "famous faces" of the American Revolution. There are FOUR parts to this project: research, seating chart, music and food, and dialogue.

Subject: English Language Arts (5), or Social Studies (5)
Title: "The Regulars are coming!"
Description: In this lesson, students will review information about Paul Revere and the American Revolution. Students will also determine facts and opinions about the American Revolution.  After viewing primary sources, students will complete a journal entry.

Subject: English Language Arts (5), or Social Studies (5)
Title: Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion
Description: Students engage in a discussion of "Manifest Destiny" using a timeline of events from 1830 - 1860, and a biographical sketch of a real person who lived during that time period.  During the discussion, students will use the biography to interpret and infer how the real person might have felt.  A discussion guide is provided.  Students provide a written answer to the final discussion question to summarize their understanding of the issue.  

Subject: English Language Arts (5)
Title: Literary Genres:What are they and why are they important?
Description: During this lesson, students will be introduced to different literary genres. Once students become familiar with the different genres, they will decide which one they like to read best. They will also use their knowledge of genres to decide the best form to write in.

Subject: English Language Arts (3 - 5), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Sandwich Story Starters
Description: These simple activities actively reinforce the importance of writing a story that is complete: one that has a good, solid beginning; a middle of substance, detail, and high interest; and a satisfying ending.

Subject: English Language Arts (5), or Information Literacy (K - 12), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Looking at Conestoga Wagons
Description: This lesson combines information literacy and technology skills with subject area skills. It is designed to be a collaborative effort between the classroom teacher and the school librarian. The topic of conestoga wagons is reseached from the perspective of a scientist, mathematician, English teacher, artist, geographer, engineer, or historian.

Subject: English Language Arts (5), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Let's Eat: An Expository Slideshow Presentation
Description: Students will write a three-paragraph essay explaining the steps necessary to follow a recipe, and then present and serve the recipe to their classmates.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Language Arts
Title: Powerful Writing: Description in Creating Monster Trading Cards      Add Bookmark
Description: Students create their own monster trading cards using '' powerful,'' vivid language to describe their creatures.
Thinkfinity Partner: ReadWriteThink
Grade Span: 3,4,5

Subject: Language Arts,Social Studies
Title: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Someone a Letter      Add Bookmark
Description: This EDSITEment lesson introduces students to the correspondence of the famous, the infamous, and the ordinary, some of whom lived through extraordinary times. Teachers can use these fascinating letters as a starting point for discussion of and practice in the conventions and purposes of letter writing.
Thinkfinity Partner: EDSITEment
Grade Span: 3,4,5