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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: English Language Arts (6), or Social Studies (6), or Technology Education (6 - 8)
Title: See Me, Hear Me, Understand Me:  Franklin D. Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address
Description: The viewing goals for this lesson were for students to use a visual text, Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech (played first without sound), to identify visual cues & understand why he may have chosen to use certain gestures, facial expressions, & body language to communicate his message. I wanted students to view & identify what an effective speaker does when speaking formally. By noticing & analyzing visual cues, I wanted students to infer the purpose of his speech & intended audience. The listening goals for this lesson were for students to listen to FDR's "Day of Infamy" speech (after watching it first with no sound), and discriminate, through his chosen words, the purpose of his speech & point of view. Students were asked to listen to FDR's use of voice & tone to understand his message. In the group conversations that followed, my goal was for students to listen to & consider the perspectives/ideas of others & work together to analyze what they heard that made this a formal speech. The speaking goals for the lesson were for students to react through speaking to the video clip & apply characteristics of FDR's formal speaking to their own formal speaking by considering gestures, facial expressions, body language, voice, tone, & specific vocabulary to communicate purpose & point of view. In segment one, my goal was for students to notice how, through listening/viewing, FDR communicated his message & viewpoint, not simply the topic of his message.  

Subject: English Language Arts (6 - 8), or Technology Education (6 - 8)
Title: Reading, Writing, and Sounder
Description: The activities included in this lesson plan require the reading of William Armstrong's Sounder. This technology-based lesson fosters critical thinking and includes journal writing, student-led discussions with another class via video conferencing, vocabulary development, and persuasive writing.

Subject: Arts Education (6 - 8), or Character Education (K - 12), or English Language Arts (6), or Technology Education (6 - 8)
Title: This Business Called Learning: Advertising
Description: After analyzing the techniques of propaganda in commercial advertising, students work in cooperative "business" groups to create an advertising campaign for a new product called Giggle Gum. Campaigns include a press release, slideshow presentation, print ad, and radio commercial.

Subject: Arts Education (6 - 8), or English Language Arts (6), or Technology Education (6 - 8)
Title: What's in Your Secret Garden?
Description: After reading F.H. Burnett's The Secret Garden, students create their own secret gardens and design a slideshow presentation of their gardens to share with the class.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Language Arts - Reading - Social Studies - Geography
Title: Points of View in the News      Add Bookmark
Description: This lesson, from Xpeditions, helps students sort through the myriad points of view offered on the Internet and evaluate the sources and purposes of news articles and Web sites. Students read articles from National Geographic News and answer questions describing each article's source, purpose, and viewpoint. Students then research the topics presented in an article of their choice and evaluate the resources they find. They conclude by creating checklists they can use in the future to evaluate articles, Web sites, and other information.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: 6,7,8