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Subject: Arts Education (5), or Social Studies (5)
Title: Plan the Adventure of a Lifetime with Lewis and Clark!
Description: This plan is the first lesson in my unit on Lewis and Clark. This is a project-based, hands-on unit in which students "become" part of the Corps of Discovery - the members traveling in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In this lesson, the students will be introduced to Lewis and Clark and our daily routine for the unit. We will then create a three-dimensional raised-relief physical map of the United States on which to track our journey and plan what to take on the trip.

Subject: Arts Education (3 - 5), or English Language Arts (3), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Carle's Crazy Critters
Description: This lesson provides students with the opportunity to read books aloud to the class. Students also spend time researching Eric Carle and his practices as a writer and illustrator. Finally, students become writers and illustrators themselves, as they create their own books and present their books to younger students.

Subject: Arts Education (3 - 5), or English Language Arts (3 - 4), or Credit Recovery Science (4), or Science (3), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Animal Environment and Adaptation
Description: In this lesson students will enjoy different activities focusing on how animals adapt to their environments. They will begin by researching two animals, their environment, and the ways the animals adapt to this environment. In small groups students will invent a new animal, including its environment and adaptations. Using presentation software, students will introduce their new animals to the class.

Subject: Arts Education (3 - 5), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Roman Arches
Description: Students will watch a slideshow presentation on Roman arches with followup discussions and activities focusing on the arch as it is used in architecture and art images. They will then create a collograph using an arch.

Subject: Arts Education (3 - 5), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Expressive Expressionist Faces
Description: Students will learn about Expressionist artists and the strategies they used in their artworks. The students will also produce an Expressionist artwork using some of those strategies as well as develop a slideshow presentation about an Expressionist artist.

Subject: Arts Education (5 - 8), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Back in Time: Hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt
Description: There are over 500 ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Students will use the Internet to translate their names into hieroglyphs. They will use the translation to design a clay cartouche.

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