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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Arts Education (7 - 12)
Title: The Idea Challenge
Description: We are full of ideas, yet many young artist want to take their first idea and run. It is important for students learning visual art to recognize the conceptualization process and the expanse of their personal idea bank. The Idea Challenge is a project that allows students to explore a variety of media while stretching their conceptualization skills to an almost uncomfortable demand. The goal is to show students just when they think they have no more ideas they may find the best idea yet.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Language Arts
Title: Commercial ice cream is first sold in the U.S. in 1786.      Add Bookmark
Description: After finding advertisements from the past, students evaluate them and discuss how ads have changed over the years. Students then create an advertisement for a new flavor of ice cream.
Thinkfinity Partner: ReadWriteThink
Grade Span: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12