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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Arts Education (K - 2)
Title: Concentration Circle
Description: Students must be alert and observant in this activity.  This exercise will strengthen observation skills.  Students will also hone listening skills.

Subject: Arts Education (K - 1)
Description: Students will use listening skills to relate a message to one another.  Students will understand that everything they hear is not accurate.  Students will learn that listening and enunciation are important when passing along information.

Subject: Arts Education (K - 1)
Title: PASS IT ON!      
Description: Students will associate the letters of the alphabet with nouns.  Students will say their words in rhythm while passing a bean bag around a circle.   Students will demonstrate their ability to concentrate and think ahead as they increase their speed each time the bean bag passes by. As students continue they will vary the volume and pitch of their voices.

Subject: Arts Education (K - 3), or English Language Arts (K)
Title: RHYMING CHARADES K, 1, 2, 3
Description: Students use listening and kinesthetic skills to show their understanding of rhyme.  They associate words that rhyme through pantomime.  This activity encourages students to use prior knowledge and experience.

Subject: Arts Education (K - 1)
Title: I Can't Hear You!
Description: Students demonstrate that they are able to use various volumes with their voices. Students show that they understand that certain situations call for certain voice levels.  Students show that they can control the level/volume of their voices.

Subject: Arts Education (K - 3)
Description: Students will use the alphabet to take an imaginary trip to the supermarket.  They will associate each letter of the alphabet with specific  items found in a grocery store.  Students will also use letter association to remember each item purchased during the shopping spree

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