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Subject: Character Education (K - 12), or Social Studies (7 - 12)
Title: Famous Failures
Description: The students are shown a video of "Famous Failures" which provides examples of famous people who failed many times prior to becoming successful. The students are encouraged to discuss the different people in the video and are asked to think about the famous person's contributions. Was Walt Disney's impact greater than Henry Ford's? The students then (teacher facilitated) list the ten famous people they would put on a “Top 10 list." This is a College- and Career-Ready Standards showcase lesson plan.

Subject: Social Studies (10 - 12), or Technology Education (K - 5)
Title: Constitution Lives
Description: As part of the study of the Constitution, students will do research on and create a Constitutional scrapbook and multimedia presentation on the Bill of Rights. Students will use various media print resources as well as the Internet to acquire news articles which demonstrate any aspect of the Constitution. Students will then summarize the articles making sure to include their opinion to demonstrate working knowledge of the Constitution and its protections.

Subject: English Language Arts (11), or Social Studies (11)
Title: The Bombing of Hiroshima - Fact or Opinion
Description: Students will read "A Noiseless Flash" from Hiroshima, written by John Hersey with a partner and record facts (objective reporting) and opinions (subjective reporting) as given in the reading selection.

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