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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Credit Recovery Science (9 - 12), or Science (9 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Save a buck challenge
Description: Our pipes leak, air drafts push through our windows and walls, light bulbs create more heat than light, and every appliance we have stays plugged in all day long.  Of course its our parents who pay the bills, so it doesn't matter.  This is a challenge for students to enact the biggest change per cost at home.

Subject: English Language Arts (10), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Google in the Classroom: How to get the most out of Google Search
Description: Technology based lesson for a High School English class on how to accurately and efficiently research information on the internet using Google Search. Students conduct Web searches on open-ended questions, and draw on their experiences to develop guides to searching effectively and finding reliable information online.This lesson is based on the New York Times article "Just Google It? Developing Internet Search Skills" by Sarah Kavanagh and Holly Epstein Ojalvo from the New York Times website.

Subject: Social Studies (7 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: The Impact of Political Debates in the Television Age
Description: This technology-based lesson encourages active engagement in the state elections process as part of a unit to prepare for debates to be held in the Fall of 2010.  The lesson may also be adapted for use as a stand alone lesson. Student groups research television debates from 1960-2008 and collaborate on a wiki to present an overview of each debate and analyze the impact of these political debates on elections. Other lessons in this unit are Why Vote?, How Do You Vote:What Do You Need to Know to Vote in Alabama?, and Analyzing Gubernatorial Debates: The 2010 Election.

Subject: English Language Arts (9), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Novel Study - Independent Reading
Description: Students will choose a novel from a teacher-created reading list. After reading their choice novel, students will prepare a 1-1/2 to 2 minute multimedia presentation to "sell" other students on the novel. In addition, students will prepare a poster advertising their novel for display and a written summary of the novel that identifies various literary elements of the novel.

Subject: English Language Arts (9 - 11), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Life After High School
Description: Life After High School is a career research assignment that gives students an opportunity to plan their career path after high school. Even if students deviate from their plan, they need to have a tentative idea that allows them to set goals. Students will learn about their potential career, educational requirements, and learn whether they are currently preparing themselves for their chosen career path.

Subject: Social Studies (12), or Technology Education (6 - 12)
Title: How Are We Living?
Description: In this lesson, students collaborate to research economic systems of the United States and two other countries. Students will collect, evaluate, and synthesize information to create a multimedia presentation that compares economic systems of assigned countries, how these systems affect various factors that influence quality of life for its citizens.

Subject: Social Studies (12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Commercial Elections- How televisions ads influence citizens
Description: This is a hands-on, technology-based U.S. Government lesson in which students will view a series of political television advertisements from the 1950s-2000. Students vote on which presidential candidate has the best commercial after each set. Advertising strategies are identified and discussed as a class. Students categorize commercials by strategies used. The most and least effective strategies are identified.

Subject: Mathematics (9 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Acres Away!
Description: In the lesson students will use a matrix to determine the area of a triangular piece of land.  The student will be supplied with state plane coordinates and conversion information to calculate the area and then convert to acres.This lesson plan was created as a result of the Girls Engaged in Math and Science University, GEMS-U Project.

Subject: Technology Education (6 - 12)
Title: Using Spreadsheets to Calculate Your Grades
Description: This practical use of spreadsheets will allow students to practice entering data, and finding the sum and the mean for the set of data. It will reinforce skills the students have already learned about spreadsheets. In addition, students will be able to manipulate their data to see the effects of low scores on assignments.

Subject: English Language Arts (10 - 11), or Information Literacy (K - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Learn the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) System: Research Depends on It!
Description: The students will develop an understanding of the organization of main and primary subclasses of the Library of Congress Classification System. The students will demonstrate knowledge and independence in using the LCC through online tutorials and by visiting a college library (optional).

Subject: Information Literacy (K - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Where Am I in Cyberspace?
Description: This activity allows students to utilize critical thinking skills and Internet research to develop a technology timeline. The timeline will assist students in developing a word processed sample list of items for a time capsule, which can be presented in a class slideshow.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Language Arts
Title: Paying Attention to Technology: Writing Technology Autobiographies      Add Bookmark
Description: This lesson plan asks students to pay attention to the technologies they use. They graphically map their interactions with technology and compose narratives of their most significant interactions with technology.
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Grade Span: 9,10,11,12