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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Business, Management, and Administration (9 - 12), or Information Technology (9 - 12)
Title: Multimedia Careers
Description: Students may be surprised that Computer Careers aren’t all found under “Computer” in the Occupation Handbook. Students will conduct guided research of careers related to Multimedia Design and/or Multimedia Publication course objectives.  They will then focus on one career. The goal is to present the information to someone who isn’t familiar with the assignment, as if the student has picked a career and is defending his decision. They will create a presentation in free Google Docs to summarize information about the career, where to get training, accreditation, certification, and a job. This is a commerce and information technology lesson plan.  This lesson should be taught near the end of the school year after students have had a taste of the various multimedia skills covered in the class. Students share the presentation and post a link to a Moodle database for easy access.

Subject: Business, Management, and Administration (9 - 12), or English Language Arts (12)
Title: I Am What I Learn- Video Scholarship Essay Contest
Description: This lesson provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of available scholarships to determine which scholarships may be sources of funding for college.  Students will create a video essay which will be used to apply for a college scholarship.  This lesson plan contains a financial aid component.

Subject: Business, Management, and Administration (9 - 12)
Title: Our Business
Description: Students (working with a partner) will create a business. This project can be used at the end of the year as a major project or divided up into smaller lessons. Project incorporates all of the content standards.

Subject: Business, Management, and Administration (9 - 12)
Title: CTSO Recruitment for the “Tech Savvy”
Description: Career Tech Student Organization (CTSO) should be an integral part of Commerce Information Technology courses. This lesson will allow students to take an active role in promoting their CTSO organization. This lesson is an ideal teamwork activity in which students teams will be responsible for creating a Marketing Pamphlet utilizing photo’s taken from previous and current year activities. This is a Commerce and Information Technology lesson plan.

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