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Subject: Human Services (7), or Mathematics (4 - 7)
Title: Have Your Math and Eat It, Too!
Description: In this two-day lesson, students will collaborate to create a healthy pizza using only geometric items that have been precisely measured. Students must identify the items as triangle, quadrilateral (parallelogram), or cube. Next, students will measure the items that they place on their pizza. Finally, students will bake their pizza; therefore, having their math and eating it, too!

Subject: Human Services (7 - 8), or Technology Education (6 - 8)
Title: Party Time! Excellent!: Planning a Kid's Birthday Party
Description: In this five-day lesson, students will plan a birthday party for a child (age 5-10 years of age). Each group (based on kitchen groups) will create an on-line invitation, decorate the room, and bake and decorate a cake for the party. At the end of the week, your principal will be begging for an invitation to the best party in town!

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