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Subject: Human Services (7 - 8), or Mathematics (7)
Title: Becoming a Wise Consumer: Comparison Shopping
Description: In this introductory lesson to money management for teens, students will use everyday math skills to comparison shop a variety of products. Students will learn several ways to save money, including using store discounts, coupons, and unit pricing to determine the better deal. This is Part I of a series on becoming a wise consumer. 

Subject: Human Services (7 - 8)
Title: What Not To Wear: Becoming a Personal Stylist
Description: Have you envisioned working with glamorous Hollywood celebrities and fashion models? If so, then you may consider pursuing a career as a personal stylist. Working as a personal stylist will give you the opportunity to assist and style well-known fashion personalities. In this module, you will learn the job qualifications, training and requirements for a career as a personal stylist. After completing a reading and interactive activity, you will demonstrate your newly developed skill!

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