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Subject: Career Cluster Electives (9 - 12), or Human Services (9 - 12), or Mathematics (9 - 12)
Title: Let's Move to College
Description: Moving to college is exciting and stressful.  Careful planning and budgeting prior to the move-in day will help eliminate the stress by preparing the college freshman for their new home away from home. Student awareness of financial aid opportunities provides transition from home-to-college with ease. This contains a financial aid component.

Subject: Career Cluster Electives (9 - 12), or Education and Training (9 - 12), or Human Services (9 - 12)
Title: Avoiding Scholarship Scams
Description: Every year, thousands of students and parents are defrauded by scholarship scams. By understanding how scholarship scams work, students can better arm themselves against scholarship scam artists. For this lesson, students will create a top 10 list of scholarship scams that will be presented as a school public service announcement, at parent open house, or at a CTSO meeting.  This lesson contains a financial aid component.

Subject: English Language Arts (9), or Human Services (9 - 12)
Title: College Bound: Moving Out!
Description: High school student's research preparing to leave home, for the workforce or college. This lesson has a financial aid component to determine financial needs for attending college. Students will learn to make informed decisions about renting a place to live and obtaining a credit card as they become more independent.

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