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Subject: Marketing, Sales, and Service (9 - 12)
Title: The Marketing Mix
Description: The purpose of these lessons is to encourage students to apply knowledge of the marketing mix to a variety of real life products and services. The intention is that students should take what they know and use that information in developing an understanding of the blending of the elements of the marketing mix. It also aims to develop the ability to make judgments, given that the student will have to think about the relative importance of the elements of the mix and the way in which different products and services are marketed. The inclusion of services in the list of potential sources of investigation is designed to get students thinking about the impact of the 'additional' three P's - people, process and physical environment.

Subject: Marketing, Sales, and Service (9 - 12)
Title: "P" Shopping at the Grocery Store
Description: In this activity students will explore marketing tools, terminology, and the specific four P's of marketing strategy.  After viewing the introductory materials, background content, and completing two brief in class assignments, students will create an imaginary item that would be sold in a grocery store and determine the detailed marketing mix for that product.  Students will then present this information to the class with a PowerPoint presentation.  Students will have the option to bring in samples of their finished "product".

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