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Subject: Mathematics (2), or Science (1 - 2)
Title: What if I Had Bat Ears? A STEM Challenge
Description: After reading, What if You Had Animal Ears? by Sandra Markle, students will plan, design, and create bat-like ears from various materials for a STEM challenge. Students will test their models and redesign them to improve the effectiveness of their models to increase their own ability to hear by mimicking the external parts of a bat's ear. The students will measure and collect data from tests and compare results between the design and the redesign. This lesson can be completed in two 45 minute sessions or one 90 minute session.  This lesson plan was created in partnership with the Birmingham Zoo. 

Subject: Mathematics (K - 3), or Science (2)
Title: What do Plants Need?
Description: In this lesson, students will understand that in order to grow healthy plants, soil, water, light, and air must be provided. Students will use math skills such as measurement and science process skills such as observation, comparing, and recording data.