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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Business, Management, and Administration (9 - 12), or Mathematics (9 - 12)
Title: What's The Real Cost of That Car?
Description: This is a Commerce and Information Technology lesson plan. A project requiring research, critical thinking and complex decision-making about factoring all the costs of purchasing a large ticket item... a car.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Mathematics
Title: Tower of Hanoi      Add Bookmark
Description: This student interactive, from Illuminations, presents a tower of from three to 20 disks, initially stacked in increasing size on one of three pegs. The goal is to move all the discs from the left peg to the right one using the smallest number of moves possible.
Thinkfinity Partner: Illuminations
Grade Span: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Subject: Arts, Mathematics, Science
Title: Art Algorithms      Add Bookmark
Description: In this Science Update, from Science NetLinks, you'll hear about new methods of art conservation. Art conservation is traditionally a painstaking and time-consuming business. But the process of fixing up a damaged da Vinci or a scarred Seurat may become a lot easier, thanks to the work of mathematicians. Science Updates are audio interviews with scientists and are accompanied by a set of questions as well as links to related Science NetLinks lessons and other related resources.
Thinkfinity Partner: Science NetLinks
Grade Span: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12