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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: English Language Arts (1), or Mathematics (K - 2)
Title: What's the Chance?
Description: Students engage in opportunities to label events that are likely, unlikely, certain and impossible. This lesson plan was created by exemplary Alabama Math Teachers through the AMSTI project.

Subject: English Language Arts (1), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: Pass the Punctuation, Please!
Description: During this lesson students will listen to the story, Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells and identify punctuation used in the story. Students will also play games to strengthen knowledge of punctuation usage. They will then use the Internet to practice what they learn during this lesson.

Subject: English Language Arts (1 - 2)
Title: Compound Words
Description: Students will listen to the story Once There Was A Bull... (frog) and identify the compound words in the story, then work with a partner to think of additional examples of compound words.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
Subject: Language Arts
Title: Stop Signs, McDonald's, and Cheerios: Writing With Environmental Print      Add Bookmark
Description: Students use logos from everyday life to identify individual letters and then create their own captions for the images.
Thinkfinity Partner: ReadWriteThink
Grade Span: K,1,2

Subject: Language Arts
Title: Sentence Quest: Using Parts of Speech to Write Descriptive Sentences      Add Bookmark
Description: Students learn about sentences by listing verbs, nouns, and adjectives. They use word cards to create descriptive sentences and work in groups to create the longest sentences they can.
Thinkfinity Partner: ReadWriteThink
Grade Span: K,1,2