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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: English Language Arts (K - 2), or Science (K - 2)
Title: Amazing Animal Adaptations for K-2
Description: This is a multi-session interactive lesson plan about animal adaptations for kindergarten through second grade students. The goal of this interactive digital lesson plan is to guide students through activities that help them understand how characteristics such as body covering, body parts, and behaviors help animals survive.  These lesson plans also build cooperation and communication skills for students. There are additional resources provided for the teacher to use before or after using the HyperDoc.  This Lesson Plan was created in partnership with the Birmingham Zoo.

Subject: Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2), or English Language Arts (2)
Title: Introduction to PowerPoint
Description: Second grade students will view a teacher-made digital slideshow. The teacher will then walk the students through the process of opening PowerPoint or other presentation software, picking a slide format and adding text.