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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: Arts Education (2), or English Language Arts (2)
Title: Transformation Creations
Description: The students will use critical thinking skills and artistic abilities to "transform" an image into something completely different. The original images can be taken with a digital camera and printed out or cut from old magazines.

Subject: Character Education (K - 12), or English Language Arts (1 - 2), or Social Studies (K - 2)
Title: President's Day for Special Education/Early Elementary
Description: This lesson helps special education/early elementary students learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and discuss how each demonstrated the character trait of honesty.

Subject: English Language Arts (2), or Mathematics (2 - 4)
Title: Money Management
Description: This month-long experience educates students in differentiating between needs and wants, how to budget resources, and to gain an understanding of the workings of a capitalist society.