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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: English Language Arts (3), or Social Studies (4)
Title: Jim Peppler Southern Courier Photograph Collection-Richard C. Boone Asks a Question: Master May I?
Description: When we hear the words Civil Rights Movement, we have visions of Dr. Martin Luther King and a few others. Through pictures, students will identify ordinary leaders in the crowd. Students will have the opportunity to analyze those pictures by doing a picture walk.  Students will learn more about some of the people in the crowd, and how they made a difference in our beloved community. This lesson was created in partnership with the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Subject: English Language Arts (3), or Social Studies (3)
Title: Pros and Cons - Picture Perfect Capitol for Alabama
Description: Pictures of Alabama State Capitols are provided in this lesson to give students the opportunity to research information that could help them to give their point of view. It will be up to the students to provide further information about the pictures. This will start a conversation about the best location for a capital city and its capitol building. This lesson was created as part of the Alabama Bicentennial Commission’s Curriculum Development Project.

Subject: English Language Arts (3)
Title: What is the View?
Description: This lesson is a third-grade English and Language Arts lesson that focuses on first, second, and third point of views. The students will watch a two-minute video describing the three points of view. During the video, the teacher will stop the video for students to take notes. Then, the teacher and students will use Shel Silverstein’s “Boa Constrictor," Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, and Adam’s Rubin’s Secret Pizza Party and determine the point of view of each. Next, students will partner up and create three separate comic strips on The students will use one point of view per comic strip.  Lastly, students will present their comic strips to the class.

Subject: English Language Arts (3)
Title: The Other Side of the Fence: Point of View at the Zoo
Description: This is a third grade English Language Arts project lesson focused on point of view using the zoo as a theme. The lesson includes a zoo field trip or virtual zoo field trip, class discussions, mini scrapbook point of view project, and a short presentation to the class. This lesson could be modified for upper or lower grade levels.