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Subject: English Language Arts (3), or Science (3)
Title: Can an Animal's Traits be Influenced by the Environment?
Description: The lesson will begin with the teacher leading a discussion related to animal traits and the environment using a T-chart graphic organizer. The students will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas with a partner, and then the teacher will introduce the essential question of the lesson: “Can an animal's traits be influenced by the environment?” Next, the teacher will show students a video clip and nonfiction text related to the arctic fox, which is an animal that experiences a seasonal change in its fur color, and record information about the fox’s traits and habitat on a T-chart graphic organizer. Then, students will research a different animal to determine how its traits can be influenced by its environment using digital or print sources and take brief notes. Lastly, students will develop an explanatory text in a claim-evidence-reasoning format that includes an illustration to help convey their scientific ideas clearly. This lesson results from the ALEX Resource Gap Project.

Subject: English Language Arts (3), or Social Studies (3)
Title: Can You Dig It?
Description: In this lesson, students will define archaeology. Students will make inferences from observations by sorting through garbage to analyze clues about the people who left the garbage. Students will compare and contrast two artifacts looking for clues from the past. Students will write a narrative story of an artifact. This lesson was created in partnership with the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Subject: Character Education (K - 12), or English Language Arts (2 - 3)
Title: A Weed is a Flower
Description: In this lesson, students will learn to identify the main purpose of a text and distinguish it from their own point of view with the book A Weed is a Flower:  The Life of George Washington Carver by Aliki and other informational texts. This is a College- and Career-Ready Standards showcase lesson plan.